2 thoughts on “The Daughters of Mercy Cheeseman in Kent, England

  1. hi Nola,
    I am currently working on my husband’s family tree, ancestors Bell. Firstly i would like to say, I am really enjoying reading all that you have done. At the moment every spare minute i have, i am reading your work. a family member has loaned me her copies of ( A short history of a Bell family -from the 16th century in Kent to the first generations in Australia) as well as 9 issues of your Bell family newsletters from 1988- 1993.
    I was wondering if there are any other books that I might be able to purchase. I have clicked on the shop link, but it is currently unavailable.
    Thank you for taking my family tree building to a whole new, and even more exciting journey.
    Heading to Scone, next month to explore the cemeteries.
    Caroline Smith.

    • Hi Caroline, Yes I have written more books on a number of topics, but most are out of print. I have retired from business and have taken down my website. May build another small one, just to deal with my books as I’m planning to write up ‘my’ family’s lives into books from now on. I’ve done so much research over the years and it is time I put them altogether and shared them with my friends and relatives..

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