Educating Nola – Still on Course

Today our assignment for Blogging 101 was to edit our blog title and add a tagline.

I can be pretty creative in lots of ways, usually in practical things, but really at a bit of a loss, when it comes to creating names for blogs. Up until today, I had just had my name and was blogging for family and friends, who all knew me. I hadn’t thought about the wider blogging community, but now I have had to think about it.

I have been the author of many books on local and family history, but I always baulked at giving any of them fancy titles. I wanted people to be able to find them in library catalogues. Librarians of my era were always very ‘straight-laced’ and ‘poker-faced’ kind of people and I fell into the same mould, when choosing book titles, so nothing very exciting. Should I take a more bold stand now when looking for a title for my blog?

Yesterday I told you how I’ve been obsessed about family history for a long time, and that my children labelled it ‘Mum’s Magnificent Obsession’. Should I dare to use that as my blog title with the tagline – ‘ another Family Historian always burning the midnight oil?’.

Now after a little reflection, I don’t think so. I might still be a bit obsessive, but certainly not ‘magnificent’- although my children might have thought so once, it seems a bit ostentatious now.

Should I go with a fun title, such as ‘Grandma the Family Detective’ with a tagline – ‘ and always on the case chasing ancestors?’. I can visualise the caricature the grandchildren would draw for that. Not ready for that one yet either, but given time I could get used to it perhaps.

At the moment I have gone for ‘ Nola’s Notes on History’ with the tagline- ‘Sharing and writing about the life and times of our ancestors and families’. Probably a more descriptive title which could apply to me at this stage of blogging.

Given time and experience, who knows what direction I might take in the future.

Catch you all somewhere in cyberspace tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Educating Nola – Still on Course

  1. Oh Nola ! It is so very difficult isn’t it – choosing a name for a blog…I agonised over mine and ended up with probably a very silly name which makes most people laugh when they hear it. It’s a bit of a tongue twister but I think they remember it because it is so silly – Try saying familytreefrog three times quickly. My wordpress blog is about becoming a librarian – hence L Plate.

    • I loved being a school librarian where I taught children how to ‘research’ in the library using all kinds of resources, not just the internet. These are skills that are useful for a lifetime. A great choice of career.I will check out your family history blogs too.

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