Educating Nola – Busy Life.

Sometimes life gets complicated and family matters take you away from those activities you plan. That is what happened this week. Now I’m back doing my Blogging 101 course.

Day three’s task on the course, was to write the blog of why I started blogging in the first place. Although I have been blogging on and off for a while, I realised that I had written the blog about where it all started. I was trying my best to get organised with all my ‘history stuff’, both family and local. I have progressed, since I started putting my plans into place. However, I have not progressed as quickly, or as far as I originally planned, but I’m getting there. Blogging on my ancestors, has made me write about them more and put them into context, so that is a good thing. I just need to do more of it, so I can get these promised family history books, together, and share them with family and friends as planned.

Day four of the course, was to ‘Say Hi to my Neighbours- blogging ones that is. People who blog about and are interested in the same kind of things-genealogy, history and such. I spent several hours blissfully reading all about other peoples families and ancestors. Gave me lots of inspiration, ideas and encouragement to really get into the ‘blogging habit’ and consistently write up my research and findings. That will get me closer to getting my books finished.

The fifth day’s task was to ‘Love my theme’. Well, I have kept my theme at the moment, but have added my new title and tagline. Maybe I will experiment more a little later, when I have time and am curious about other ways of presenting my work.

The sixth day was to write a blog for our ‘dream reader’. I must admit I hadn’t thought about this aspect. I have been so engrossed in trying to get my blogs together, to make sense, and to be informative, as well as putting my experience or ideas across. At this stage my dream reader is anyone genuinely interested in family and local history.

Over the next few months I plan that my writing will be more consistent. A release from the daily stress of attending to life’s details, perhaps, but mainly to sort and get those stories onto paper.

Both our family histories and the local histories.

Catch you all somewhere in cyberspace if not tomorrow- soon.


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