Most of my publications are now out of print but can be found in many public libraries and Family History Societies throughout Australia. Many find them still very useful for research into Family and Local History.



Clarence River Register No 1 1859-1869: Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1994,72pp,ISBN 959263144, Out of print]


Clarence River Register No 2 1870-1879: Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1994,103pp,ISBN 959263160, Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 3 1880-1889: Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1995,134pp,ISBN 959263187, Out of Print]

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Clarence River Register No 4 1890-1899: Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1996,120pp,ISBN 1875840001,Out of Print]

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Clarence River Register No 5 1900-1905: Births and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1998,36 pp, ISBN 1875840028, Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 6 1906-1910; Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Newspapers

[Nola Mackey,1998,114pp,ISBN 1875840044, Out of Print]

MALH0256113 003

Clarence River Register No 7 1900-1905: Deaths and Burials in the Clarence River District

[Nola Mackey and June Kepper,1984,141pp, ISBN095926311X, Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 8 1862-1869: Land Selection on the Clarence and Richmond Rivers

[Nola Mackey,1998,148pp,ISBN 1875840079, Out of Print]

MALH0256113 004

Clarence River Register No 9 1860-1865: Passengers and Crew In & Out of the Clarence River

[Nola Mackey,2000,Set 3 books 78pp,74pp,36pp,ISBN 1875840095,Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 10 1866-1869: Passengers and Crew In & Out of the Clarence River

[Nola Mackey,2000,Set 3 books 106pp,108pp,48pp,ISBN 1875840117,Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 11 1870-1879: Conditional Purchases of Land on the Clarence River

[Nola Mackey,2004,142pp,ISBN 1875840567,Out of Print]


Clarence River Register No 12 1911-1915: Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the Clarence & Richmond Examiner (Grafton)

[Nola Mackey,2005,192pp,ISBN 1875840613, Out of Print]


A Short History of a Bell Family from the 16th Century in Kent

[Nola Mackey,1988,100pp, Out of Print]


The Descendants of Robin and Mercy Bell

[Nola Mackey,1990,462pp,ISBN 959263136,Out of Print]

This is the second book in a series of books on the Bell families of Kent, England which has been written by Nola Mackey.

Robin and Mercy Bell emigrated from East Farleigh, Kent on board the Woodbridge in 1838, with their children Robert, John, Thomas, James, Jethro and Charlotte, and granddaughter Rebecca. Mercy Bell’s daughter Elizabeth, from an earlier marriage to James Cheesman, emigrated to New Zealand and then to Australia.

Elizabeth Cheeseman married George Wood

Robert Bell married Mary Allsop

John Bell married Harriet Terry

Thomas Bell married Margaret Fraser

James Bell married Rachel Dawson

Jethro Bell married Priscilla Barwick

Charlotte Bell married William Palmer

Rebecca Cheeseman-Bell married John Ashford

Descendants from these children through eight generations are recorded in this book.


The Descendants of George and Sarah Bell

[Nola Mackey,1996,95pp,ISBN 1875840281,Out of Print]


The Descendants of James and Elizabeth Bell

[Nola Mackey,1996,90pp,ISBN 185840273,Out of Print]


The Eggins Family History

[Nola Mackey,1994,310pp,ISBN 646201972,Small number in stock]

MALH0256113 005

The Eggins Family History

The first section of the book records the detailed research on the origins of the Surname, Coat of Arms, and genealogical information of several Eggins families in Australia and England.

This book then traces the life and times of the Eggins family in Kent and East Sussex, including detailed accounts of the fortunes of James and Jane Eggins (nee Playford) and their six children, spouses and their families- Caroline and William Kemp (nee Eggins); James and Eleanor Eggins (nee Apps); William and Jane Eggins (nee Meppin); Thomas and Ann Eggins (nee Unicomb); Herbert and Caroline Eggins (nee Unicomb) and Walter and Mary Martin (nee Eggins).

Full details are given of the voyages to Australia, of those who emigrated, their settlement on the Hunter River and their later migration to the Manning and Clarence Rivers.

There is much information in this book of interest to those not actually descended from Eggins, but families associated with them, including the Playford, Unicomb, Packham, Gill, and Apps.

This book will also be of great interest to anyone who had ancestors on the 1838 voyage of the Amelia Thompson, as this is the first time so much detailed information has been collected and published on this voyage.

Anyone whose ancestors migrated from the Hunter to the Clarence River, via the New England Tablelands route in the 1860s will find a full description in this book.


Free Passengers and Crew on Convict Ships into Sydney 1830-1840

[Nola Mackey,1998, Set of 2 books, ISBN 1875840451, Out of Print]

These indexes are produced in two parts:-

Part 1-More than 3300 entries arranged alphabetically by name with full details, including date of arrival, and all details noted in the records, such as age, occupation etc

Part 2- is organized alphabetically by ship giving all details of passengers and crew on board, extracted from all surviving records.

These entries were extracted from several sources, most of which have never been indexed or publicly available such as Journals of Surgeon Superintendents of Convict Ships’, Muster, and Other Papers relating to the voyage including any crew lists, convict indents, and shipping columns in Sydney newspapers, etc.

In the introduction there is a useful table listing all the convict ships which arrived in Sydney during the period, arranged chronologically giving Master, Surgeon Superintendent and numbers of convicts, free passengers, military regiments, and families on board.

Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers 1839-1840

This series will be of great interest to a large number of researchers, as some births and deaths are not found in any other sources such as church registers, coroner’s inquest records nor Colonial Secretary Papers. The surviving issues of the following newspapers have been used in these indexes:- Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser; The Sydney Herald; The Sydney Monitor; The Australian; The Colonist; The Sydney and Australian Chronicle and The Sydney Standard and Colonial Advocate.

This series covers the period 1830-1840. The first two volumes cover three years of papers, the third two years, while the last three are yearly volumes. Each volume is in four sections. The first three cover Births, Marriage and Death Notices in each paper and the fourth section records deaths from the news columns and includes reports of deaths, inquests, funeral notices etc.


1. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 1 1830-1832

[Nola Mackey,1996,65pp, ISBN 1875840133,Out of Print]

2. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 2 1833-1835

[Nola Mackey,1996,107pp,ISBN 187584015X,Out of Print]

3. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 3 1836-1837

[Nola Mackey,1996,91pp,ISBN 1875840176, Out of Print]

4. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 4 1838

[Nola Mackey,1994,65pp,ISBN 18758409192,Out of Print]

5. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 5 1839

[Nola Mackey,1994,67pp,ISBN 1875840214,Out of Print]

6. Index of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Sydney Newspapers Vol 6 1840

[Nola Mackey,1995, 64pp, ISBN 1875840230,Out of Print]


Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney

There are six volumes in the series of indexes for the 1830-1840 period, which have been compiled shipping and news columns of at least two and often as many as four Sydney newspapers. The entries were compared for the most informative. If the spelling of the Surname does not agree in the sources, all entries for the surname are included. The newspapers used are the Sydney Gazette, The Australian, The Herald, and The Monitor.

Incoming passengers- Although shipping passenger lists have survived for incoming passengers in this period, and can be consulted at the State Records of New South Wales, they are thought to be incomplete. Many names can be found in these indexes which do not appear on the State Records lists.

Outgoing Passengers- There are no outgoing passenger lists at the State Records to this period. This first known index to fill this important gap.

Incoming Crew-Although there is at the State Records, an unpublished card index for ship’s captains into Sydney in this period, there are no lists for the crew. All mention of members of any ship’s crew through newspaper items such as wrecks, inquests, death reports, and court cases are listed in these indexes.

Outgoing Crew- This is the only known list for ship’s captains and crew leaving Sydney at this time. These lists have been compiled from all sections of the newspapers.

The indexes are set out to include-Surname, Christian name or initial; Title; Ship; Date of Arrival including date of departure from original port and other ports of call; Date of Departure from Sydney and destination; status of a person named; remarks and notes as well as full references.

The seventh volume for 1841 has been produced to fill a gap in the records and to meet up with the privately produced indexes by Pastkeys for 1842+


1. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 1 1830-1832

[Nola Mackey,1997,134pp,ISBN 187584029X,Out of Print]

2. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 2 1833-1835

[Nola Mackey,1997,2 books 132pp,124pp,ISBN 1875840303,Out of Print]

3. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 3 1836-1837

[Nola Mackey,1997,2 books 86pp,80pp,ISBN 1875840311,Out of Print]

4. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 4 1838

[Nola Mackey,1997,130pp,ISBN 187584032X,Out of Print]

5. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 5 1839

[Nola Mackey,1997,184pp, ISBN 1875840338,Out of Print]

6. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 6 1840

[Nola Mackey,1997,2 books 176pp,58pp,ISBN 1875840346,Out of Print]

7. Index of Passengers and Crew In and Out of Sydney: Vol 7 1841

[Nola Mackey,1999,2 books 220pp,105pp,ISBN 1875840362,Out of Print]


Convict Assignments, Absconding and Apprehended in NSW

In many instances, convict ancestors are the best-documented persons in colonial records. However, sometimes we have convict ancestors whom we have great difficulty finding any mention of them other than their arrival in New South Wales or their possible marriage. In fact, we have difficulty in identifying the convicts themselves because there were several convicts of the same name, and there are even instances of convicts of the same name on the same ship. In fact, for most convicts, it is really difficult to find any information about their day to day life.

These indexes are the first in a series to assist in tracing the Colonial life of a convict ancestor between 1830 and 1840. It is also the first attempt to bring together a variety of surviving records into one series to help us to identify possible avenues for further research.

It should be remembered that the government soon realized that with several convicts of the same name it was necessary to find a better way of identifying a convict other than ‘name’ and ‘ship’. Firstly they added a physical description. By this period there were many thousands of convicts whom the government was still responsible for so even a fuller method was needed for identification. This included a number, made up of the year and a running number- 32-505 would show 1832 as the year of arrival and he/she was the 506th convict arriving in that year. Then aliases, including married names appeared in the details as well as occupation, sentence, and any distinguishing features such as scars and tattoos. These full descriptions are given in the absconding indexes so that researchers may more readily identify the convict.

Convict assignments; On arrival, the convict was assigned to the government or private service. It may have been necessary to re-assign if their master did not collect

them, or they absconded or were not suitable for a particular service. These indexes are compiled from the Sydney newspapers and include official government gazette as well as court cases and other incidental items in the newspapers. They are supplemented by surviving records at the State Records of NSW and sections of the Government Gazettes.

Convicts Absconding– Not all, but many convicts absconded for a variety of reasons, and this publication records these, with not only full details of names, but includes aliases, which are also cross-referenced. This is helpful to identify the convict correctly, especially when there were several convicts of the same name. These indexes are compiled from Sydney newspapers but are supplemented by surviving records at the State Records of NSW where necessary.


Index of Convicts Absconding in NSW: Vol1 1830-1832

[Nola Mackey,2000,2 books 86pp,76pp,ISBN 1875840516,Out of Print]

Convict Apprenhended- Again these lists are compiled from the newspapers and surviving government records and include where possible a cross-reference back to the absconding. This aids in calculating how long a convict had been at large before being apprehended.

Index of Convicts Apprehended in NSW: Vol 1 1830-1832

[Nola Mackey,2000,78pp,ISBN 1875840524,Out of Print]

Index of Convicts Apprehended in NSW: Vol 2 1833-1835

[Nola Mackey,2006,87pp,ISBN 1875840583,Out of Print]


History of the German Community in the Clarence River District of NSW

[Geoffrey Burkhardt and Nola Mackey,1999,192pp, ISBN 646378732, a Small Number in stock]

MALH0256113 007

Between 1850 and 1870 approximately 200 German immigrant families settled in the Clarence Valley of New South Wales. Most of them originated from the South Western states of Germany. Some of these families did not stay in the Clarence River District for longer than a few years, but the majority of them settled permanently, and their descendants are still to be found in plentiful numbers living in and around the Clarence Valley.

This book documents the early history of this community of German Pioneers in Australia. It addresses the questions: Who were they? Where did they come from? When did they arrive? Why did they come to the Clarence Valley? Who employed them? What contribution did they make, individually and collectively to the life of the Clarence River District towns and villages?

Part 1 of the book is devoted to the description and documentation of the role of the German Community to the daily life, commerce, and society of a rapidly developing rural town and district.

Part 2 of the book focuses upon the genealogical aspects of the German immigrants, dealing with documenting their origins, arrival details, settlement and occupational pursuits of each of the initial pioneers of this community, including foundational birth, death and marriage details relevant to each family.

European Settlement in the Clarence River District before 1850

[Nola Mackey,2001,246pp,ISBN 1875840559,Small number in stock]


This book is a detailed history of European settlement on the Clarence, Richmond, Tweed and Brunswick Rivers in northern New South Wales, prior to 1850. It begins with the discovery of the area, by sea and by land exploration, and then continues with the commissioners of crown land and their border police; the squatters and their stations; the early church ministers and priests that served in the area; the settlers such as innkeepers, storekeepers; tradespeople and government officers; and the hundreds of free immigrants and convicts that played their part in the story of settlement during this early period. It also deals with the tragic consequences of the clashes between the settlers and the aborigines.

More than 2000 persons are specifically mentioned, and an attempt is made to document their origin details, initial settlement, and occupational pursuits.

This publication has been enhanced by the inclusion of beautifully executed watercolours by a local artist, Malcolm Eggins, who was specially commissioned and depicts scenes on the Clarence River in the time period.

Clarence Chronicle-1859

[Nola Mackey,2007,83pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-62-5,Out of Print]


The Daily Examiner, BDM & Miscellaneous Notices 2006

[Nola Mackey,2007,96pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-63-2,Out of Print]


Lone Graves & Small Cemeteries in the Clarence River District

[Nola Mackey,2007,93pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-65-6,Out of Print]

MALH0256113 006


In Memoriam-Fry Street Pioneer Burial Ground, Grafton 1844-1868

[Nola Mackey,2010,130pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-68-7, Out of Print]

MALH0256113 011


Grafton- First City on the North Coast-Our Unique Heritage

[Nola Mackey,2009,32pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-66-3, Out of Print]

MALH0256113 009

As Time Goes By-Grafton’s Fascination with Time Pieces

[Nola Mackey,2009,32pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-67-0, a Small Number in stock]

MALH0256113 008

Life and Times of the Carr’s Creek Area 1839-2013

[Nola Mackey,2013,202pp,ISBN 978-1-875840-25-0, a Small Number in stock]

MALH0256113 010