Privacy Policy

Regardless of Government and others policy on privacy, I need to let you know that I value your privacy as much as my own, and try to undertake every precaution to keep all your information (data) safe.

My blogs are hosted by This company is owned by Automattic, which has specific protocols in place to protect yours as well as my privacy.

Their full Privacy Policy can be found at

Their response to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation can be found at uses Akismet spam control which minimises the spam I receive and I do not allow spam to propagate through my blog. That is, you will not receive spam through my blog. also uses Jetpack for statistical analysis of readership of my blogs. I do not share the results in anyway with anyone. Further details of Jetpack’s privacy protocols can be found at

Your email address will not be shown on this blog. If you include it when making a comment. I will remove it before I make the comment public.

When you make a comment on any of my blog posts, it is held privately in my pending folder for me to review. When reviewing I may edit the comment and will remove any  details shared if of a personal nature including email addresses.

Should another researcher with relevant information ask that I put you in touch, I will not give out your email without first contacting you for permission. Nor will I pass onto you their email address and contact details without their permission.

If I need to provide a complex or confidential answer to your comment I may decide to contact you privately and directly by your email address.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, including a request to delete past comments or any or all of your information, please use my contact page, or through a comment on any of my blogs. Remember these requests will go through a pending process for me to review and edit and will not be revealed on my blog. I will remove the requested information immediately.